Sunday, April 28, 2013

Britt Tip: Removing dark nail polish

Sometimes I have ideas I want to share that aren't a full-on project or that occur to me when I don't happen to be enjoying a cup of tea. That is why I decided to add Britt Tips to this blog. These will be any tips and ideas that I feel the urge to pass on to the World Wide Web. I'm sure they will be very, very the one below!

Preface: I love nail polish. I mean LOVE it. I'm not sure where it came from, but it's an obsession that grows and grows. The nail art trend has made it even worse with endless encouragement and inspiration. I almost can't leave a drugstore without buying a new shade! The weirder the color, the better. I have easily over a hundred bottles, but honestly I'm a bit afraid to actually count.

Anyhoo, if you paint your own nails like I do, then you surely sometimes encounter issues removing dark or brightly colored polishes. If you have a light complexion like me, you end up with tinted smudges all around your clean nails which are almost impossible to remove. Plus they don't look cute if you're going from say, bright crimson, to repainting them a delicious Tiffany blue.

But! I've discovered a trick to help avoid this problem. It's not a perfect fix, but it really helps. Before painting on your dark or bright color, put a thin coat of a lighter shade underneath first. That way, when it comes time to remove your darker shade, your nails haven't been tinted or tainted! The dark color just comes right off with the lighter shade. This also has the benefit of making your bright or darker polish appear bolder.

You can see results below, from when I put a light lavender under a dark plum purple polish.

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