Friday, January 31, 2014

Britt Tip: Keeping a belt in place without loops

I love fashion. I mean LOVE. Lately I've been taking it to the nerd-girl level I once reserved for Star Wars and Lord of the Rings when I was a kid (ha! yeah, a kid). I study the Pinterest fashion board almost everyday before planning my outfit. There is so much cute outfit inspiration out on the interwebs! However, they're not always as easy to pull off as they look.

Two of my favorite things are skirts and belts. They're what I buy most at thrift stores. But most cute skirts don't have belt loops. And thank goodness for that, because I think only denim skirts should have loops. I still want to wear a belt sometimes, though, to break up my waistline and or add a color contrast.

Cuteness! (Not my photos. All rights where rights are due to the original owners.)
I have found a nifty, if not very elegant solution. My husband recently got some nice new dress shirts. You know, the kind that come all nice and folded with plastic in the collar, cardboard inside and pins everywhere. Well he left some of those pins lying around and I had a moment of divine inspiration.

These pins, which most of us would just throw away, work great to hold a belt in place on a garment that doesn't have any loops! So I hoarded a little pile of them! Of course this won't work for all clothing or all belts. And of course you can see little bits of metal on the belt (I've thought about painting a few in neutral tones using nail polish). But if you're like me - and I hope I'm not alone in this - you hate hiking up a skirt and having to re-align a belt all day.

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